London Bus Pal v4.0.2

This version increased the speed of route searching significantly as it was terribly slow previously. Bug fixes: Fixed two minor issues which could cause the app to look like it is still loading more data when it wasn’t. Platform: iOS only

London Bus Pal v4.0.1

This update contains just a minor fix as advertisements were not displaying correctly in the previous version. Platform: iOS only

London Bus Pal v4.0.0

This is the initial release for iOS devices only. The app has been entirely rewritten from the ground up, but don’t worry, all the features remain (except for map views which will come shortly). The iOS version can be found here:

History of the app so far

Back in 2013, I was a regular bus user in London and I remember having to use two different apps to get the information I wanted. The exact details have faded, but I remember that I liked the one app, because it was simple to use – you just open the app and it shows…

What a GDPR disaster!

May 2018 has been a really long and frustrating month in terms of updates to London Bus Pal.  I would never have imagined just how much effort I would need to put into my app when I thought that I was free from any GDPR requirements. I was on holiday and I saw some emails…

Map views are here!!

I was hoping to get this out there quicker, but rather late then never! This week I added some map views of all the data to London Bus Pal.  There are four “distinct” views of data in the application, but only three maps are interesting (seeing a single bus stop isn’t the most interesting view!)….

Racing the bus by tube!

I travel between Angel and Waterloo on most days. Most of the time, I take the 341 bus, because it always seems quicker than the tube and it’s also a whole lot less fuss. The strange thing is though, when I’m running late, I choose to take the tube, because even though the bus feels…

Just how accurate is TfL’s countdown system?

Just how accurate is TfL‘s countdown system When I started developing London Bus Pal, the one thing that was always going to be completely out of my control was going to be the actual prediction data. I did some investigation as to how it all works and it’s really interesting, but probably worth a blog…

London Bus Pal launched – the ideas

My first Android application was launched on 6 September 2013.  It’s called London Bus Pal. I’ve had the idea for quite some time, but just never got around to doing it.  Finally, over the summer, I sat down and gave it a go. The idea was for a bus time predication application which you could…