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The helpfulness of reviews (even bad ones)

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Last week I posted on here after I felt really frustrated about a number of bad reviews I had received. I want to please every single one of my users and when I hear that they are not happy with my product, it often gets to me.

That said, despite making me feel frustrated (or maybe devastated as I put it during a frustrated post), reviews are also endlessly helpful. Especially when they say why they like or dislike my app – it gives me a really good insight into what users want. Quite often, I just see the numbers, 5,4,3,5,4,5,4,5. Whilst I like seeing the numbers and it higher numbers make me really happy, they can, quite easily just become a bunch of numbers.

This week I have continued to get less than perfect reviews, but the contents were quite helpful. I could sit down and read each review and try to put myself into the shoes of the user. I addressed each review (not only with a reply, but with some real code change) one after the other. I dealt with it and my app is better for it. Also, the users who gave me the input now have an app which behaves more like they want.

Don’t ever feel bad for leaving constructive feedback for developers. For those who care about what they give their users, this is infinitely helpful.

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