London Bus Pal

London Bus Pal v4.0.8

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Some user feedback required additional updates which I wanted to get out before it affects and frustrates too many people:

  • Bug fix: “Unexpected errors” when trying to find location would happen more frequently than it should. This updates tries to address this – it might just take a couple of seconds for the location to be found.
  • Usability issue: The “favourites” star was too close to the expand and collapse arrow, which made it easy to accidentally add or remove favourites. I moved this to be out of the way to reduce accidental pressing of this button.
  • Usability issue: I also added in a prompt to validate the removal of any favourite.
  • Update: I removed the “experimental” tag from the map views.
  • Feature: For iOS only, I updated the app so that it is possible to navigate backwards (Android users already have this). This meant that I had to move the menu to the right hand side to make sure that I had space for the navigation button.

Thank you for all the feedback you have provided, it is helpful to make sure that the app is as stable as possible.

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