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Happy New Year – my plans

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Following a fairly rough week in the world of London Bus Pal, I want to take the opportunity to wish everyone a happy 2019. I’ve got many plans for my bus applications.

Firstly, I want to engage more with my users. I am busy putting together a website to make this possible. I want the ability to create a bit of a community – I have a fairly substantial user base, but at the moment, the only way to engage is through reviews and very anonymous analytics. Effectively, most of my users are just numbers – this makes it very difficult for me as an app developer to fully understand what my users want. The one benefit I have however is that I am also a user of my own app, so I represent a proportion of my own users!

I would love to grow my app to the point where I can devote more time to it. Basically, I want to look at a way of reducing my hours at work and have the ability to dedicate some time to app development each week. This is going to take some considerable effort – it is only the first day of 2019, so of course I am going to feel super optimistic (despite being slightly tired and a bit hungover from last night’s celebrations!).

I want to improve some of the functionality in the app – I am very happy with the base functionality and I don’t want to spoil things or over-complicate them, but the app also needs a bit more. I am still toying with the ideas, some of them might require a separate app, but these include: journey planning, improved route displays, incorporating other transport modes and maybe more informational things (very vague, but I know exactly what I mean).

Feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email with any suggestions or requests you may have.

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