London Bus Pal

London Bus Pal v4.1.2

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This was just a quick update to fix the reordering of favourites issue which may have occurred. It should all be fixed now.

• Bug fix: reordering favourites would not save on all devices – this has now been resolved 💾
• Additional functionality: added in the option to reset the database in case anything breaks and it needs to be reset (this may need to be done if route functionality breaks – a long term solution will follow soon) 🗑️

The other feature added is one to reset the database in case things go wrong. This can be found right at the bottom of the list in the settings menu (tapping it doesn’t give much feedback at the moment, but it definitely is doing something).

If you notice that you cannot access bus route information any more or if you favourite stops have turned into numbers in the settings screen, tapping this should resolve it.

I’m working on making sure the app looks after itself!

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