London Bus Pal v4.0.7

Following some review feedback, I addressed some issues: Major bug which was introduced from version 4.0.0 onward – if you ask for stops near me, the stops would just display in random order and it might not necessarily be the stops nearest to you. This has been fixed. Styling updates to make better use of…

Devastation of bad reviews

Reviews on the Google Play store since the release of London Bus Pal 4 has been disappointing (it has only been four days since release, but the reviews have been generally negative). At least it feels that way! I have been moping around all day and I have lost all motivation to improve things. Six…

London Bus Pal v4.0.6

Bug bash! No new features in this release, but after a couple of days of running and seeing how things work out, I made the app more stable by going through all of the logs and making sure that when the unexpected occurs, the app doesn’t blow up! Platforms: Android and iOS

London Bus Pal v4.0.5

Bug fix: As part of the rewrite, a feature which was in the app since day was went missing and I added it back now: you can expand and collapse bus stops. This is especially useful if you have a long list of stops and you don’t want to have to scroll through the entire…

London Bus Pal v4.0.4

This is a follow-up release on v4.0.3 with some quick bug fixes based on observed behaviour in production. Due to the iOS app still being under review, this will be released for Android only. Platform: Android

London Bus Pal v4.0.3

Map views are back and definitely improve on the map views we have had so far. They also include route line indicators, so that you can get a better idea of where your bus will be driving. Together with the map views, the app is also much better optimised for use with tablets. This release…

Version history

As I’ve just published a fourth major revision of my app, I thought I would relive the history of the app just to see how far it’s come: Version 1 – the prototype This was my first attempt at ever making an Android application. I used Google Web Toolkit which I then rendered in a…

London Bus Pal v4.0.2

This version increased the speed of route searching significantly as it was terribly slow previously. Bug fixes: Fixed two minor issues which could cause the app to look like it is still loading more data when it wasn’t. Platform: iOS only

London Bus Pal v4.0.1

This update contains just a minor fix as advertisements were not displaying correctly in the previous version. Platform: iOS only

London Bus Pal v4.0.0

This is the initial release for iOS devices only. The app has been entirely rewritten from the ground up, but don’t worry, all the features remain (except for map views which will come shortly). The iOS version can be found here: