London Bus Pal

London Bus Pal v19.9.2

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  • Improvement: you can now choose whether the application is permanently in dark mode, light mode or if it should use the system settings. 🌙
  • Updates to the platform and libraries I use to ensure that the app is as stable as possible (I know this sounds lame, but it’s important!). 📚

Tip: you can go to settings and choose whether to show the home screen, nearby stops or your favourite stops when the application starts. It’s right at the top! 🏠

This is a relatively light update as I updated the Flutter framework to the latest version – 1.9.1. This should generally improve the way things work on the latest versions of iOS and Android.

At the time of writing, it’s not clear if this will be published on iOS or not. My previous two attempts were rejected by Apple as the app was getting stuck on the splash screen in their test environments on iPads. When searching for this, it appears that it’s not an uncommon issue and not only related to Flutter. I do wonder if it is not an issue in their test lab as the app seemed perfectly fine on an iPad I used to test it with. It will take a day or two before I will know if this update will go out.

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